Our mobility mission

In our wildest dreams we are remembered as the company that improves the quality of life in the city of today and tomorrow.

We do this by designing and developing creative software solutions that completely relieve our customers and citizens of their worries. As a partner, we want to exploit the full potential of urban ecosystems all over the world.

Astrid Thienpont

"We want to unlock urban potential worldwide"

Astrid Thienpont
Astrid Thienpont Chief Growth Officer

Our promises

Peace of mind

We put our customers at the heart of our operations and solutions. Seamless integrations, a smooth set-up and all communication in one place provide more breathing space.

Intuitive software

    We develop intuitive mobility software. We empathise, because empathy and creativity make the difference in our sector. This is how we build a sustainable partnership together.

    Proactivity in innovation

    We want to understand your challenges and needs. A sustainable relationship with cities, municipalities and police zones is crucial for this. That is why we continue to innovate.

    International ambitions

    There is also great potential for our solutions beyond national borders. We look forward to putting our baseline 'unlock urban potential' into practice worldwide with our international partnerships.

    Our Team

    The Intouch team has many different types of employees, each with its own qualities so that they form a real workforce. Capable of tackling every problem and ready to help you attain your ultimate mobility dream. Discover our intouchers here (soon).

    Wondering how our team can deliver you total peace of mind?

    We are happy to discuss the possibilities together and discover what we can do for you.