Parking Vouchers

Our Parking Voucher software application gives you citizens, merchants and their visitors a simple parking credit at a reduced rate.


Via the Permit Shop, target groups can be given the right to purchase a bundle of parking credit at a favourable rate with, for example, a limit on the number of hours per address.


The voucher codes are generated via the Permit Shop and can be redeemed with a mobile parking app. In the Permit Shop, the owner can always consult an overview of his used and valid voucher codes.


Dankzij de integratie met het rijksregister, wordt de meest betrouwbare informatie van de gebruiker geregistreerd. Bovendien kan de burger zich veilig registreren en aanmelden via It's Me of E-ID.

A seamless integration with your system

Our software is compatible every other system. Together we can make your future proof.

Wondering how Parking Vouchers delivers you total peace of mind?

We are happy to discuss the possibilities together and discover what we can do for you.